Green Pharmacy – Your daily vacation

We’ve been inspired by nature for 15 years now, thus, we can create ultimate cosmetic products for personal care.

As the naturalness is the strength of beauty.

Natural components are mixed up with production standards in order to gain 100% efficiency of cosmetic formulas.

International brand

More than 15 countries

women from over 15 countries buy brand cosmetics


Ukrainian market leader in the following categories: face care, cleansers, intimate hygiene

World quality

Brand recipes are tested in European laboratories Production in European countries, in Ukraine

International level

Our mission

  • To bring the piece of both nature and harmony in the life of every woman. To transform each products’ usage into a little everyday holiday and the best solution to express selfcare.
  • To unleash the potential of natural components and to empower the cosmetic formulas with the strength of botany and pharmaceuticals. To make each usage of the TM «Green pharmacy» products as a natural session that will be useful and potent for your skin and wellness.


  • The secret power of our lines is in the right combination of pharmaceutical and natural components. Beauty formulas contain more than 300 ingredients: essential oils, waxes and botanicals extracts. Components work together in harmony to provide effective hair, face, body, products for bathroom and shower.
  • The scent of every product is breath of herbs and natural extracts, which arise sensation of nature in your hands. Carefully selected fragrances for every line create a unique aroma composition.
  • Cosmetic products of the brand Green Pharmacy immerse into the world of beauty and improve wellness.

Production in Europe, Ukraine

Your safety is one of our leading principals. Our manufactures are located in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. In Poland the production sites are situated in the environmentally-safe area surrounded by the landscape park. Technological facilities of manufactures meet the actual requirements and are produced in Europe according to international GMP standards.

Products’ standards are being developed by professionals with 20-years’ experience in pharmaceuticals. Cosmetic goods are tested in European laboratories before you receive it.

Green Pharmacy is the worldwide brand name which is presented in the different market shelves.

Goods are exported to 49 countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

We constantly expand the brand exposure in the world. And women of multiple countries have a chance to estimate the efficiency of our products.

240 cosmetic products

A wide range of products for different methods of cleansing, increasing skin elasticity, for relaxation and good mood

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